Friday, November 23, 2007


Isn't yellow the colour of new life? These are brightening up mum's room:

Backlash happened today. She was fine in the morning, but it was a chaotic morning due to having to move rooms because someone had died in another room, and they needed her room for privacy for the relatives. A few hours later she was moved back again, and in the afternoon she was shattered. She'd been for a walk in the morning and the physiotherapist said she could go without him if she wanted to later this afternoon. There's a little restaurant around the corner from the ward so I said we'd go there, but halfway through the day I realised it was far too tiring and she didn't even make it out of bed anymore. There was still progress though, she now only has a drip for nutrition and the drain for her wound, and she's eating 'proper', easily digested food, although she's eating very small amounts still. The tiredness can probably also be attributed to having the epidural taken away - she's still having painkillers but they're not as effective as the epidural.

Dad's taking me out of the house tomorrow for a day of relaxation, so I'm not seeing her till much later in the day. Hopefully she'll feel a bit better tomorrow. They're still very pleased with her progress and the words going home were mentioned. Still have a little way to go though, but when she started tidying up her little trolley this morning, I knew we'd taken another step on the road of recovery.