Saturday, November 24, 2007

One step back, two steps forward

After yesterday's little relapse mum's doing much better again today. As dad and I were out today (I've got blisters on my feet from all the walking!!) I didn't get to see her till about 5 pm today, but she looks better again and was just in better spirits than yesterday. She'd spent most of the day reading James Herriott - a week ago you could give her a magazine or book and she'd put it down after a minute, not being able to concentrate and not really being interested either.

The hospital was eerily quiet tonight - all the clinics were closed for the weekend which made it much quieter, and during the weekend they have extended visiting hours too, which means the arrival of visitors is much more spread out over the day.

I'm going over for most of the day tomorrow - much as I enjoyed being out today, I couldn't help but think about her a lot of the time, and the only things I bought today, were two presents for her!

PS She's still not keen on having visitors, but loves receiving post. She has a pinboard at the end of her bed which has been slowly filling up and is beginning to look very cheerful. If anybody wants her address, give me a shout.