Saturday, May 25, 2013

Friday 24 May

Blog Every Day in May - What's in your fridge?

Yes, shhhh, cheating again. Hormones were making me feel a bit down in the dumps yesterday so didn't feel like posting. So you get a double post today.

I can't imagine the inside of my fridge would be interesting to anyone but myself but here you go! Top shelf has yoghurts, you can only see my WW yoghurts but hiding behind them are the Activia yoghurts that 11you loves.
On the shelf below is cheese and some chicken for later this week. I don't normally have much meat at home, maybe sometimes some ham or pastrami for lunch. We are trying a new experiment though where the children will cook on Sunday nights, and 14y chose enchiladas for tomorrow. (I thought enchiladas had beans in them but apparently not.)
The single cream is for tonight's dessert - Rhubarb Bakewell tart. At the weekend, specially on Saturdays, I'll usually make quite an effort over our supper, and that includes not watching the diet!

On the shelf below are all the spreads, a spare bottle of milk, some spinach that didn't fit in the veg drawer, and behind that all the jars of condiments that live in your fridge for years.

The veg drawer has mostly cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, some salad and half a courgette in it (14yo bought a very large courgette of which I only needed half, and I haven't had a meal yet that I can use the other half in).

And this is the door. Garlic and butter and tomato paste on the top shelf, more condiments on the middle shelf, and the fruit juices (we each have our own flavour!) and the milk on the bottom shelf. I do love my milk bottles - about a year ago I looked into having milk delivered to support the local milkman. Yes it is a bit more expensive but we don't drink that much milk, specially because the children spend half their time with J. I can order online and change an order until 9pm if we have too much/too little milk. It gets delivered at 3am, even in the snow (have never missed a delivery yet!), and it's so lovely to get a bottle of milk from your doorstep.