Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday 20 May

Blog Every Day in May - News flash

Being an avid BBC Radio 4 listener, I'm usually fairly up to date with the news. I do most of my commuting during news programmes and during the day I like to have the BBC news website open - not just for the news, but also for interesting little bits of information.

Besides the British news I try to keep up to date with Dutch news as well and regularly read the website My 'newsflash' for today is from there and actually concerns a very tragic, sad story. A couple of weeks ago a man was found dead in a wood near to where my dad lives. He'd committed suicide. Almost immediately a large search was underway for his two young sons aged 9 and 7, who he had picked up from their mother that morning but hadn't been seen since. Of course you immediately think the worst, but you still hope for a miracle. When I checked last night after not having been on the computer all weekend nor having heard the radio, I read that that afternoon two bodies had been found close to where the father himself had been found. Although the bodies haven't been formally identified yet, the authorities are fairly certain it is the two boys as some items that they'd been searching for, were found near the bodies. 

It is such a heart-breaking story. Of course it is easy to feel anger towards the father for causing such unimaginable pain, grief and suffering, but in some way I feel dreadfully sorry for him as well - something must have gone very wrong in his life for him to contemplate such an action, let alone carry it out. It is a news story that is hard to forget.