Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday 29 May

Blog Every Day in May - Morning ritual

I don't think my morning routine is very different from many other families with growing up children. The alarm goes off just before 6.30am, it gets snoozed a couple of times, and then it's up to get 11yo ready for his school bus. Now that the children are at different schools, they have different start times too and 14yo is usually not up till I get back from the bus stop. Her bus stop is further down the village and she needs to be taken there by car, a trip I share with my neighbour whose son goes to the same school. Once they're dropped off at their bus stop and I'm back home, the kettle goes on for my first coffee of the day and the work day starts in earnest...

During weekends my morning ritual is very different - I'm very much a morning person, often awake before 7, but B. sleeps much longer. I like nothing better than to get a cup of tea and read for a couple of hours while he's still asleep. If the book is very good I sometimes will him to sleep a little longer! We usually have a proper English breakfast, as he is a star at a cooked breakfast, which sets us up for the rest of the day - him getting on with a building project, me off on the bike. 

Mornings - definitely my favourite time of the day!