Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday 28 May

A rare occurrence, two posts in one day!

I've been a Pinterest fan for quite a while. My crochet board specially has lots of ideas on it, but the food and knitting ones have several things I want to try out too. Only, there is the problem - I want to try them out but I always forget about them once I've pinned them.

Last month I found out about Pinaddicts. Yes, my name is Cybele and I'm addicted to Pinterest and all that. I liked the sound of the Pinaddicts Challenge though - every month you choose something from your boards (or you pin something during that month), make it, blog about it and then upload your photo to enter into a competition. Now the competition is an added bonus - for me it was more about browsing my boards to find something I wanted to make and then actually make it.

For this month I chose two dishes from my Food board: Jamie Oliver's Baked White Fish with Olives and a Simple Tomato Sauce from his Food Revolution, and The Caked Crusader's Rhubarb Bakewell Tart (making the most of a very prolific rhubarb season).

The fish was gorgeous, we had it with new potatoes and I dug around in B's veg drawer to rescue some almost past their best vegetables so we had some roasted courgettes and yellow peppers too.

The rhubarb bakewell was equally nice, although I did struggle a little with the pastry - it needs to be baked blind and the Caked Crusader suggests leaving the pastry overhanging the edges. I found that mine was baked so well, the overhanging parts snapped off as I took the case from the oven but broke off in the wrong part, so the pastry didn't actually reach the top of the dish. Also, the frangipane didn't quite cover the rhubarb filling which then bubbled up - but let's just say I went for the rustic look and wasn't trying to win the Great British Bake-Off!

Will definitely make both dishes again - enjoyed making and eating them.