Sunday, May 5, 2013

Saturday 4 May

Blog Every Day in May - 5 favourite blogs

O this is a tough one! To date I have 141 blogs in Feedly. Some of them I go to as soon as I see a new post, others stay unread for a little while. Occasionally things get out of hand and I'll mark the whole lot as read and start again. I do love blog reading though and I've definitely made friends through it - more often than not friends I've never met but whom I'd get on with in real life too, I'm sure.

1. Cloudberry Knit - I've been reading Beate's blog for a number of years now. Like me, Beate goes through phases of posting a lot and then having quieter periods. She's a teacher but a keen knitter/crafter/gardener and currently lives in Norway. I think if we were to meet, we wouldn't stop chatting.

2. Andamento - I found Anne's blog through a comment on a blog we both read. I love her posts about her bike rides, although hers are a lot hillier than mine! Anne also knits and crochets.

3. Our Ash Grove - Melanie lives with her husband and 4 children in a commune in America. They try to be as self-sufficient as they can be and homeschool their children. It's not something I can imagine doing myself, but her writing makes you stop and think about the small things in life. I've read her blog for a number of years and it's a pleasure and privilege to see her children grow up. Oddly enough her weather frequently mirrors our weather in the UK...

4. The Caked Crusader - If you're looking for a nice cake recipe, look no further than the Caked Crusader. She posts a new recipe most weeks, and every one I've tried has been a hit. 

5. Brooklyn Tweed - Quite possibly my most favourite designer. Beautiful patterns, stunning photography.

Just a selection really!