Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday 10 May

Blog Every Day in May - Travel Dreams

It is so easy to come up with all sorts of grand plans for today's blog post. A trip around the world. Canada. The east coast of the States. I would love to go to Australia and see where my friend Vanessa emigrated to a few years ago. Of course a long trip to Holland.

But in reality, if someone gave me say 2000 pounds for whatever holiday I'd choose, I'd go to Lyme Regis. I fell in love with this little seaside town about 20 years ago when J. and I went camping there shortly after we'd met. We returned a few times as a family - even the fact that we spent our last holiday together in Lyme Regis didn't put me off!

Just before my marriage came to an end and with me going through a difficult time, my dad wanted to take the children and me away for a few days. I suggested Lyme Regis and we went down for a week. He fell in love with the place as much as I did and we have been every year since - usually the half term week in February.

Over the years the holidays have changed in character. We used to have a different cottage every year but have found one that suits us very well and now book it for the following year as soon as we hand in the keys. At first the children were very young - I have a photo of 11yo as a small toddler in a pushchair, completely covered in chocolate ice-cream. We would spend hours on the beach, maybe a day trip to the wildlife park at Cricket St. Thomas or a trip on the Seaton trams. Over the years we have got into walking, exploring the miles of public footpaths on the Dorset coast. Both dad and I have developed our love of photography in Lyme Regis - you can often find all four of us standing in the same spot taking the same photo - and surprisingly all with a different result!

I am not sure what it is that draws me to Lyme Regis time and time again. There is definitely the attraction of the sea - I love being near water. But it's more than that - the ever changing light, the endless views, the many independent shops and cafes, the friendly people living there, I just never get bored of it. In fact, I dream of one day living there...

PS I switched off word verification on the advice of someone I'm doing a swap with, as it puts people off leaving a comment. I'm afraid I switched it back on again, as I was inundated with spam...  Hope you don't mind!